Fan Amooz Park -Science Center


In order to stimulate and make students interested in science and technology and to attract audience, it is needed to demonstrate science and technology phenomena in an appealing and perceivable shape. The centers required to implement this subject are called "Science and Technology Centers” and have been launched in developed countries for a century. These centers take place in the middle of a range comprising of labs on one side and amusement parks on the other and exploit the benefits of both.

The installed equipment in the center is mean to show scientific phenomena and technology cleavage in an attractive and beautiful attribute. It raises the motivation of learning knowledge in scientists and public and is a good incentive for education. It is a suitable complementary for classis training at schools and an instrument for extending culture in society.

Fan Amooz Park follows three goals

• Creating cheerful, hospitable and amusing atmosphere for the whole family
• Training science and technology
• Cultural impact and feeling of self-sufficiency and self-belief through Iran-made equipment

Fan Amooz Park visitors are

• Students and scholars
• Public
Students and scholars experience the theoretical subjects that they have learned in classes practically and indeed it is a complementary for classic education at schools and related centers. Public are the ones that may have graduated for a long time and review scientific lesson by playing with educational equipment in the center.

contact us

Sistan and Baluchistan Science and Technology Park, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sistan and Baluchistan, Daneshgah Avenue, Sistan and Baluchistan, I.R. Iran
Phone: +98 -33410086
Postal code : 98186-45845
پارک علم و فناوری سیستان و بلوچستان