Introduction and History

A science and technology park is an area managed in a manner designed to promote innovation. It is a physical place that supports university-industry and government collaboration with the intent of creating high technology economic development and advancing knowledge. Science and technology parks are supported by universities in order to bring in industry with which they can collaborate and by local government in order to improve the prosperity of the community. Incentives to attract companies to the area are often offered as part of the entire package.

The formation and development of many emerging technological phenomena is through the park and governments try to create proper environment working conditions and activity for small and medium businesses, and attract international companies provide technology-based.

Another definition of technology parks is

Technology Park is a unit which:
• associated with educational or research institutions
• Infrastructure and support services, particularly real estate and provides office space for businesses
• is responsible for technology transfer
• is responsible for economic development
Types of science and technology parks
There is no single definition of the parks or town in the world and countries based on their needs to establish the park.
In a general division of science and technology parks can be divided into three categories:
• Business incubators and institutions that are dedicated to start-ups
• Science and technology parks and Business incubators that most companies and research institutes are present
• Science and technology consisting of several Science and technology parks, universities and residential

The main features of science and technology parks

• The main theme of these parks is research and development in the field of high-level technology. The main emphasis is on research for the "development" has been organized. In these parks there is no room for mass production and large-scale industry, where not established.
• Research in these parks is done in order to meet the needs of specific industries. For example, the formula means that in these parks do not study physics, chemistry, or mathematics achieved, but this is a specific problem or hardship to solve a particular industry. In other words, the activities of the complex are technological to Academicals.
• space complexes, park-like campus is very beautiful, buildings, usually with low height and equipped with various recreational facilities and services. Building density is also low.
• The complex and often in connection with the cooperation of one or more university or institute of technology and joint ventures are established. Of course, instead of a university, a very important research institute plays that role. In addition, local governments and the private sector are the original owners. The management of the park, due to the combination, between the public, private and academic is shared.
• The majority of the parks are usually small units and their owners are new and constitute researchers. But too often, companies like IBM, Cisco and SONY's own research and development department to be transferred to the park.
• In terms of population (demographic) who work at these facilities and skilled professionals (such as engineers, scientists, doctors and experts from research and development), mainly in technical jobs, research and top management working.

Sistan and Baluchistan Science and Technology Park to protect development of knowledge-based companies, new ideas and emphasis on commercializing research, issued on 2012 with the licensing principles in the seventy-third session of the Ad Hoc Committee on Technology, Ministry of Science, Research and technology.

Main activity of Sistan and Baluchistan Science and Technology Park According to the capabilities of the region:
• Renewable energies (with the emphasis on wind and solar and wave)
• Mining and non-metallic mineral products
• Agriculture (with emphasis on medicinal plants, tropical products, bananas, dates and salt and drought resistant crops)
• Fisheries and aquaculture
• Art and hand crafts

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