• Contributing to the increase of wealth in society through the development of knowledge-based economy
• Commercialization of research results and the realization of the associated research, manufacturing and Community Services
• Increasing the competitiveness and growth of knowledge-based companies
• Technical knowledge and helping to attract domestic and international capital
• Increased participation of specialized domestic, IT companies at the international level
• Support the creation and development of small and medium-sized technology companies


• Contribute to the promotion of technology-based technical knowledge in order to compete in the world
• Organizing for effective service delivery and the need for technology-based companies to help them grow
• Organizing talents and resources available in the region for establishing a link between resources of universities, scientific centers and technology and capabilities of technology-based Industrial Zone
• Park assist in directing research centers related to research in the fields of technology-based requirements
• Creating a favorable environment for attracting scientists, scientific and engineering activities inside and outside the country
• Paving the way for public and private activities of the research and development in the park
• Create the enabling environment of cooperation and foreign technology units in the park for the development of indigenous technology
• Create the conditions for joint activity of internal and external technology units
• Encourage research aimed at developing products and processes
• Encourage research aimed at achieving technology
• Help companies create new firms and the growth of technology-based centers (incubators)


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پارک علم و فناوری سیستان و بلوچستان